What is Hooked on Books?

A dynamic, fun-filled high school (grades 9-12) club for people who love to read, discuss, laugh, and make great friends!

Students who love to read
We enjoy reading beyond what is required in school. In preparation for the Reading Olympics competition in March, each club member reads at least four books on a list. With over forty books to choose from, there are plenty of genres for any interest. Book discussions are held throughout the year.

Dedicated to community service
What is the love of reading if it cannot be shared? We run an annual book drive that donates to the Philadelphia Reads Book Bank (PRBB) to support inner-city children. HOB also hosts a ‘Book-a-thon’, an overnight reading marathon in the high school library, which raises money for the PRBB.

Know how to have fun
The Book-a-thon is not just reading all night and day. It’s like the perfect sleepover for book worms; we bring plenty of snacks, watch book-based movies, play book-related games, bond with club members, hang out with friends, & even get some sleep! Even more, members who read the most pages and/or raise the most money earn awards.

Scavenger hunts? We do that, too. Don’t be surprised to see us running around the library in search of the next clue! Around the winter holiday season, we do a book swap. These are just a few examples of our fun events!

A community of friends and support
Whether through friendly discussions about books or our favorite TV shows, HOB provides the perfect atmosphere to meet schoolmates in all four grades and to make more friends. We are proud to have extremely supportive, fun-loving, & happy club members.

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