With the Reading Olympics competition just two months away, it's time to get to know your teammates and work together to get every book on the list read!

Here are the teams for 2013:

Team A:

Berenice Leung
Aliza Glatter
Nick Wang
Andrea Jin
Kevin Ho
Roger Liu
Robert Liu
Alan Jia
Ray Ye
Rafi Naseer

Team B:

Kimberly Lui
Jennifer Xiao
Valerie Wan
Jenny Choi
Gloria Jun
Sacha Allen
Ester Kim
Sue Mun
Ashley Huh
Nancy Yim
Gloria Kim

Team C:

Rebecca Pressman
Sara Hartenbaum
Jen Sugarman
Jason Hu
Sharon Kim
Nick Nalence
Thomas Henning
Hannah Dorsey
Kat Pearson
Kevin Wu
Adam Kong

note: this page will be updated with links to the each individual team's list of books

If you would like to submit T-shirt designs for all three teams (ideas or concepts are fine), contact an officer and submit it by the next meeting, Thursday, January 17th.